The Ultimate List of VS Code Extensions Every React Developer Should Have In 2023


If you’re a React developer, you’ll want to have the right tools and extensions in your coding arsenal for top-notch results. For the ultimate 2023 experience, check out our list of the best VS Code extensions for React developers!


Prettier: Format Your Code Automatically.

Prettier is one of the must-have VS Code extensions for React developers in 2023. It’s an opinionated code formatter that quickly and easily formats Javascript and other programming languages to make your code look neat and consistent, without the need for manual formatting. It can also be configured to fit your exact coding style preferences.

ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

This extension will give React developers access to ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets right in their code editor. It can also output Snippets for Redux, GraphQL and more in their corresponding formats. You’ll be able to write powerful components quickly with the help of this extension, which includes essential features such as auto-importing and stateless components.

Material Icon Theme: Make Symbol Icons Visible.

Adding Material Icon Theme to your VS Code can help make React development even more efficient. It’s a great way to improve visibility for symbol icons like functions, variables, classes and files. You’ll be able to quickly identify symbols in the code by seeing their icons. Plus, with this extension installed you won’t need to remember what type of file something is stored in or exact variable name – it will be much easier to make out from its icon.

React PropTypes Intellisense: Access Proptypes Quickly and Easily.

The React PropTypes Intellisense extension allows you to quickly and easily access PropTypes while coding with VS Code. It provides a single entry point that gives you auto-completion for React components, auto-completion and parameter hints for the PropTypes properties, as well as DocBlock comments syntaxness and automatic imports of components. With this extension, finding props or functions with parameters is never easier!

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React DevTools: Analyze React Apps with Ease.

The React DevTools extension allows you to quickly and easily analyze any React application. It provides a powerful set of tools that give you the ability to succinctly view, edit, and debug your application. With this extension, you can quickly visualize the state of your React components, dive into their data-flow and get an in-depth look at performance over time. Best of all - it's completely integrated within VS Code so you don't have to switch between different programs.


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