The 10 Best Time Zone Converters for Global Remote Teams


Globalization made it easy to work with people from all over the world. More companies are hiring people from different countries. With this, freelancers need to work with clients from different time zones.

In both cases, time zone differences can be problematic. Although you can manually find out when two time zones overlap, time zone converters are highly convenient.

1. Spacetime

Spacetime is an ideal time converter for remote teams and workers. It lets you view the time of every team member in one place. Use it to check the overlapping time with a colleague for scheduling a meeting or synchronized collaboration. What’s cool is that Google Calendar will allow you to sync Spacetime.

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After onboarding, let the team members add respective locations and set the work hours. While scheduling a meeting, this app displays the time according to your time zone to avoid any confusion.

You can access this app from the web browser or download it to your computer. Moreover, if you’re a Slack user, you can sync it in your Slack profile.

Download: SpaceTime for macOS (Free)

2. ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is the perfect app for scheduling meetings with clients in different time zones. You can include this on your website so that potential clients can schedule a meeting with you in a few minutes. It displays the combined availability of your team to maximize resource utilization.

Once the client chooses a time, the app sends you a calendar invite and a secured video link for popular video chat apps. It comes with a wide range of integration support for popular tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, Zapier, PayPal, etc.

3. Time and Date

TimeAndDate Time Zone Converter is a free app that works completely online. You can get time conversion data according to the local time zone and daylight saving time (DST). Add a city to start converting the time. You can even check the times of past and future dates with this tool.

If you want, you may add UTC in the conversion results. You can also opt for additional features such as show the time of the current city, display holidays and office hours, and show the time difference from the first city. While comparing the times of several cities, you can sort the results according to city, country, or time.

4. World Chat Clock

World Chat Clock helps you find the most convenient time to connect with people living in different time zones. If you need to know when is the best time to chat in real-time with someone, add the city names and get started.

This creative tool shows the time using an attractive visual. Apart from your home location, it lets you add four more cities at a time. Then the app displays overlapping office hours between the cities, individual office hours, stretch hours, and overlapping hours of the day.

You can change clock color sets and toggle time formats between 24 hours and am/pm.

5. Dateful Time Zone Converter

If you’re looking for a simple time converter app, the Dateful Time Zone Converter is the one for you. It has a straightforward interface and lets you compare time differences between two cities or countries at a time.

The app automatically shows the updated time for the second city as you change the time of any city. Using its Eventlink feature, you can schedule a meeting and add it to the calendar. It also lets you choose a time format between 24-hour clock and 12-hour clock.

6. World Time Buddy

World Time Buddy is an advanced tool that displays the times of different cities while automatically detecting the time of your home location. It also lets you select a time range for a meeting, order and group locations, mark the home location, etc. It supports 20,000+ cities and daylight savings time (DST.)

After fixing a time for a meeting, you can share it through Google Calendar and Outlook, send the timing via Gmail, and copy the data in a clipboard. It also lets you create an event in this app and get a link for that. You can access this web-based time zone converter from your iOS and Android devices as well.

Download: World Time Buddy for Android | iOS (Free)

7. Every Time Zone

Every Time Zone is a comprehensive web application that saves you from spending productive hours calculating time differences. Here, you can visualize all the prominent time zones of the world at a glance. It detects your local time and shows through a slider.

You can move the slider to a past or future date and time to find out the corresponding time of any location. Even when you move the slider from its current position, the app highlights the time, so you don’t get lost. You can also generate a link to share the event timing.

8. 24timezones

If you want to know what's the current time in any given city of the world, check out 24timeszones. It lets you hover over any prominent city on a colorful interactive world map and displays the current time.

Clicking on a city will display additional information such as time zone, time difference, location, airports, etc. This app also uses bright and dark shadows to distinguish global areas having day and night-time.

9. Timezone.iO

If you have a globally located remote team, will help you keep track of the local time of each of your team members. It categorizes all the team members chronologically according to their time zone. Hence, you don’t have to convert time individually or manually.

Move the slide of the top-left corner of the page forward or backward to check the corresponding times of your colleagues. By clicking on the Now button, you can return the current local time instantly.

10. WorldTimeServer

WorldTimeServer is an easy-to-use time zone converter that offers online service. On the left panel, it shows the time of your current location. However, you can change the home location at any time. You need to add any city name in the middle panel to check the time.

This app also allows you to save favorite locations for quick access. You can also select a country from the right panel to skip typing the name.

Worry-Free Cross Country Collaboration

Whether you’re a freelancer or a full-time professional, it’s truly essential to collaborate with team members who belong to different time zones. Use any of the mentioned time zone converter tools to manage time zone differences.

By including any of these tools in your productivity tech-stack, you’ll increase your and your team’s productivity, for sure.

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